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POST TITLE: Child Care Officer – Residential

POST NO: X0000575

DEPARTMENT: Children’s Services

SALARY : £13.20 PER HR ( one off sleep rate:£39.44)

REPORTS TO: Senior Care Officer


To provide a range of services and direct care to meet the needs of vulnerable children within an agreed shift pattern in a residential setting to ensure good outcomes for children and families.


Responsible for providing age-appropriate advice, help and guidance for children and families where there are behavioural difficulties and particular vulnerabilities. Advises and assists service users on budgeting and welfare issues, and acts as a nominated “key worker” ensuring that the day to day requirements of the placement plan are adhered to. Provides services for children and their families within a residential setting or by making visits to individual clients/ carer’s within the community, in accordance with National Minimum Standards and Directorate policy. Attends, participates and contributes in meetings/case conferences with responsibility to ensure the views and assessed needs of the child remain the primary (paramount) consideration of the proceedings. Responsible for ensuring that the provision of services complies with departmental policy, and records, both manual and electronic are maintaining strictly in accordance with Directorate policy and legislation. Responsible for writing and submitting reports to child care reviews and other meetings. Responsible for planning and co-ordinating services with other professionals/agencies as required by Child In Need/Care Plans for individual clients, to ensure that the assessed needs of Looked After young people are met. Is responsible for implementing a Care Plan ensuring a child’s primary care needs, including the administering of drugs and medication, are met in line with required Directorate policy and procedure, and therefore assisting the Council in discharging its statutory corporate parenting responsibility for those NELC “looked after children” in residential care. Takes responsibility for shift-leading within the home, and in so doing complies with the relevant National Minimum Standards, and Directorate Policy and Procedures in providing for the safe and secure running of the Children’s Home. Prepares food and meals, delivering children’s dietary and health requirements and plans to comply with Policy and Procedure.


Responsible for the supervision and coordination of care officers in carrying out specific activities with identified children. Provides induction training for new staff. As shift leader may have to make decision to send staff home in response to complaints from children or other staff.


Operates in partnership and contributes to finding innovative solutions to meeting individual children’s /families needs. Demonstrates creativity in designing individual programs to meet the different needs of children and young people in need and their families. Is able to communicate with children and their families sensitively to achieve co-operation and effective working partnerships. Is able to implement and design innovative methods, when required, to motivate and engage children and their families in working towards objective aimed at achieving positive permanent change.


The post holder will be in regular contact with appropriate and relevant agencies, both internal and external to the organisation. Contacts will involve liaising, networking in partnership, supporting and exchanging information, Head Teachers, Education Welfare Officers, Principal Care Manager’s, Service Manager, General Practitioners, Consultant Physicians, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, health care staff etc.


Discretion To undertake direct work with looked after children and their families, in the implementation of a Placement Plan. Respond imaginatively to the unpredictable situations that can occur in undertaking the corporate parenting role with “looked after children”. The post holder uses discretion and creativity to implement the plan to meet the individual child/family circumstances. Is adaptable in identifying methods, techniques, strategies and times worked with individual children/young people in need and their families. Consequences Work has direct consequences on the development of the child/young person and potentially on the functioning of the home. Consequences of decisions could affect health, safety and general well-being of child/young person and could put the home in breach of National Minimum Care Standards. This could result in a negative inspection report.


Mobile Phone Petty Cash administration and reconciliation whilst on shift. Hire cars/minibuses. Collecting up to £500 from the bank. Day to day management of petty cash – imprest account of £3,400.


Work Demands Need to be adaptable to sudden changing demands of children. This will often conflict with the requirement to carry out routine tasks, which are a statutory requirement and must be completed by the end of a shift. Must be able to prioritise the competing needs of children. Physical demands Must be fit to work night shifts as evidenced by annual medical examination. Be able to undertake physical activities with the children, e.g. sports. Be able to physically restrain violent and aggressive children. Be physically able to use a computer. Working Conditions Staff are required to work in an environment where direct supervision of children often requires flexible shift times, flexible break times/no break times, and a requirement to sleep-in. Visiting families on a regular basis in their own home. Often this involves contact with animals, and infectious diseases. Working within an office environment. Care Officers will work in an agreeable physical environment but this will frequently be negatively affected by exposure to violent and aggressive behaviour of children. Constant verbal abuse can be a feature of some shifts. Work Context Assaults on care officers are frequent (at least a weekly occurrence over a year), and minor injuries, (warranting time off sick), average about five a year. Care officers will need access to counselling from their manager’s regarding emotional trauma, on a regular basis.


The National Minimum Care Standards require care officers to be competent in the following: – Skills Is capable of working on their own initiative. Basic residential child care skills and team working. Specific child care approaches and skills appropriate to the home’s purpose and function. Exercising appropriate positive means of control over children in the interests of their own welfare and the protection of others. Recording skills. Use of restraint. Dealing with sexuality. Communicating with children, including those with disabilities. First aid. The provision of purposeful and enjoyable activities as part of positive care experience. Staff supervision [for staff with supervisory responsibility]. Interview techniques [for staff with recruitment responsibilities]. Specific child care approaches, knowledge and skills for their role in the home. Working with families. Undertaking risks assessments. Knowledge Normal and abnormal child development. Permitted and prohibited disciplinary measures. Use of restraint. Child protection. Issues of race, ethnicity , religion and culture. Dealing with sexuality. Health education relevant to growing children including diet and nutrition. The implications of HIV and AIDS when looking after children. Health and safety at work, including food hygiene and safety with medicines. Fire precautions. First aid. The Children Act 1989, the Human Rights Act 1998 and other relevant legislation. Complaints and representations procedures. The requirements of these National Minimum Standards.


Job Evaluation This job description has been set out in such a way as to allow for job evaluation using the GLEA Scheme as adopted by the North East Lincolnshire Council. Other Duties The duties and responsibilities in this job description are not restrictive and the post holder may be required to undertake any other duties, which may be required. Any such duties should not, however substantially change the general character of the post. Equal Opportunities The postholder must carry out his / her duties with full regard to the Council’s Equal Opportunities policy. Health and Safety The postholder must carry out his / her duties with full regard to the Department’s Health and Safety Procedures.


Introduction: We all have an important role to play within performance management and the following notes highlight the varying levels of understanding and involvement.


  • To understand the value and usefulness of performance information and appreciate the need to monitor our progress To have a clear focus on the key priorities for this authority and the impact an individual’s work can make on whichever priority[ies] are covered by their service area.



Post Ref: Post Title: Care Officer 


  • Ability to maintain clear and accurate records
  • Team worker and able to work on own initiative
  • Effective communication skills
  • Understanding of individuality of clients
  • Understanding of the needs of the Care Group
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Prepared to undertake appropriate training
  • Basic knowledge of the needs of children and families.
  • Ability to respond to children’s needs
  • Knowledge of care planning approach
  • Preparing reports
  • Able to carry out relevant administrative tasks when required
  • Advanced IT skills
  • Skills in a relevant specialised area of work Basic IT skills

Application Form Preliminary Interview Formal Interview Group work exercise I References Written Tests

Relevant Experience

  • 1 year’s experience working in child care
  • work in a caring role, with various client groups
  • Worked as a designated key worker

Application Form Interview

Education/Training/ Qualifications

  • Literate and Numerate
  • NVQ Level 3 in caring Application Form Certificates Written tests Working Arrangements and Personal Availability
  • To work flexibly, i.e. shifts, weekends, Bank Holidays
  • Must undertake NVQ Level 3
  • Be committed to ongoing training


Reference JOB-1018

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